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The Best Summer Wine Festivals 2013

The summer has come to an end, but we were fortunate to participate in 6 Southern California wine festivals this year and they were all extraordinary!  Wine tasters love wine accessories and all of the gadgets and wine gizmos that come with great wines!  We began our season in June at the Dana Point Wine and Food Festival.  What a beautiful oceanside venue with more than 2500 participants!

SB1We were able to offer the Wine Yoke or some call it a Wine Lanyard to the tasters for “hands free tasting”.  They were a big hit!

Our second festival was the Ojai Wine Festival (this was our first year at this festival) and it was amazing. The vendors and wine tasters enjoy a beautiful lakeside venue with a nice park area and the greatest band performance.  Ojai festival 2The Wine Glass and Bottle Holding Picnic Stix provided the best glass and bottle support: the perfect wine accessory as the tasters relaxed on blanket with food and their wine.

Wags N Wine at the Hilton Waterfront, Huntington Beach, was a fabulous fundraiser to benefit our wonderful 4 legged friends!  the Dog Themed “fetch me my wine” handpainted wine glass was treasured as the wine tasters bid on silent auction items and reveled in dog delight!

The Santa Barbara Wine and Food festival, Taste of Camarillo and Trump Wine and Beer Festival rounded out the festival season.  We learn so much at these festivals; meet new vintners, taste new wines.  The craze for single bottle wine chillers was evident: people were interested in the icicle style chillers and the single bottle chillers.  Wine aerators and decanters were also a big topic, but it seems everyone wants a memento from the festival and wine stoppers, wine cork cages and wine charms are always popular.

We really love meeting the artisans that create beautiful wine accessory art: from wine barrel furniture to oil painted wine scenes.  These are the places to enjoy the wine passions and we look forward to the fall and winter events.  Please let us know of any upcoming festivals that you recommend: we would love to be a part!

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4th of July BBQ, Picnics, Wine Accessories and WineSchwag!

Its Independence Day weekend and the 4th of July is BBQ and parade time! honors our veterans, our troops and our families and celebrates with neighborhood gatherings in the tradition with burgers, dogs and potato salad. YUM!

Cold beverages are also a must: cold beer, cold wine, cold sodas.  Have you ever seen the Cooper Cooler in Action? It chills a whole bottle of wine in minutes or a can of soda or beer in a flash.  Such a great beverage chiller!

Cooper Cooler
Cooper Cooler

The Corkcicle, the Chill, the VinOice: all great single bottle wine chillers and wine icicle style options for wine chilling. Picnics and BBQs work best with a reusable bamboo party plate for your food and beverages: it’s a plate with a wine glass holder built in and its reusable!


The Wine TapaWine Tapa  is perfect for protecting your beverages from bugs: it sits on top of any glass. is the perfect place for your summer outdoor entertaining needs.  Wine accessories, cork storage options, wine openers, and cheese and cutting boards.

Cheese set with accessories
Cheese set with accessories

Add some style to your wine and always, with “free Schwag”.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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Fathers Day Love & Thanks

Father’s Day has arrived and it is time to let the Dads of the world know how special they are to us.  When I say Dad’s, I am including every male that is a Dad that has impacted lives: uncles, brothers, grandfathers, teachers, friends, co-workers, and every other “Dad” you can think of, even those who are a Dad to a canine, feline, equine or other species.  It takes work, love, commitment and a lot of patience to be a good Dad, and even more to be a great Dad!  And let’s not forget the Moms, whom without a Dad wouldn’t exist (but they have their own day, so…)

My family has 6 kids (I have 5 brothers and sisters) and it was rough for Dad and my Mom.  That’s a lot of kids and responsibility.  For me, he became my mentor and shoulder to cry on, to listen and give advice, even when I didn’t think I had asked for or needed it.  At the time, I remember thinking some of what he said to me was stupid: it would never apply to me.  Now that I am 48, how true it all has come.

This is a day of gratitude and love for my Dad. I can’t be with him as we live across the country from each other, but I will spend my day remembering how great he is to me and thinking of how much he will impact my life in the future.

I will be at the Wags N Wine Festival in Huntington Beach benefiting the Waggin Trails Rescue Foundation with a bunch of fabulous dogs and wine!  See Dad, I learned how to tie in philanthropy and business!

Thank you Dad for your support, love and constant encouragement!  And when you are having that bratwurst from the condo cookout, think of the many cookouts we all had together.  Miss you and love you and enjoy your day!

Your youngest daughter,

Terri A. Shary


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Honor Memorial Day

picnic sticks set of 3
Picnic Stix

Its Memorial Day weekend and that signals the start of BBQ’s, picnics, family reunions and block parties! Graduations have been celebrated, kids are out of school for the summer and teachers everywhere begin their summer break. celebrates summer with all varieties of wine accessories: Wine Chillers, Picnic Wine and Cheese Boards, Picnic Stix and so many other cool party “must haves”.

Memorial Day is a celebration for honoring the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  We celebrate the honored with family and friends, gathering to enjoy good food and friendship.

Wine Tapa2
Wine Tapa

We at are offering FREE SHIPPING of all products this weekend and hope that your BBQ’s and family gatherings are full of laughter and fun.  Check out our Wine Tapas

Wine Yoke Wine Glass Holder
Wine Glass Yoke

to keep the bugs out, our dragonfly wine stopper and frog leg stopper are great summer companions!  Or the perfect party wine accessories the wine yoke  and bamboo party plate with a stemware holder.

Frog Legs!

Celebrate, be safe and remember those soldiers that gave their lives for the US.  Happy Memorial Day!

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The Art of Chilling Wine

With spring and summer nights arrival come BBQ’s and parties, and with that, come wonderfully crisp wines.  Whether you prefer a red, white, pink or bubbly, the question of temperature preference always comes up. Some people prefer a light chill on their Pinot Noir and some prefer their Riesling icy cold, but how do you achieve these varied preferences without compromising the wine.

VinPodium Wine Chiller
VinPodium Wine Chiller

Thankfully, there are many options from which to choose: from Rapid wine chillers like the Ravi Instant Wine Refresher, the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller, and the VinPodium Rapid Wine Chiller

There are also chillers that fit into the bottle like an icicle: the Host Chill, the VinoIce Wine Chiller and Pourer and the Corkcicle and don’t forget the Wine Chill Bag!   There are even Glacier Rocks that replace ice cubes that will chill your individual drink and they won’t dilute your beverage!

Host Chill Icicle Chiller & Pourer in 4 Colors
Host Chill Icicle Chiller & Pourer in 4 Colors


So which product is the best?  That is up to you and how you prefer your wine.

The Icicle Chill Rod products work well with wine that is already chilled: just place the chill rod or stick into the bottle of wine (after pouring out your first glass) and the wine chill rod keeps the wine chilled for up to 2 hours. Unlike the Corkcicle, Host Chill and the VinoIce Wine Chiller and Pourer have the capacity to pour the wine without removing the Chill Rod from the bottle, so no drips, no mess. The Wine Chill Bag is excellent for picnics and poolside because it is soft sided and so easy to use!

Individual wine glass chillers like the Ravi Instant Wine Refresher and Glacier Rocks or Whiskey Rocks as they are also known, chill one glass at a time which works out great for parties and gatherings.

Glacier Rocks
Glacier Rocks

The Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller and VinPodium Rapid Wine Chiller chill a room temperature bottle quickly: much faster than a freezer or refrigerator.  Use one of these chiller, then one of the icicle chill rod products to keep the bottle cold once you are serving.  No more wine or ice buckets needed!

What are your favorites and your not-so-favorites? I use them all, depending on the wine, the gathering and preferences. Please share your feedback: I want to hear your comments!